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Expert Witness

The Auto Detectives provide automotive expert witness services to the legal profession. Led by their founder, Mark J.Allen, the Auto Detectives are highly trained and experienced in mechanical expert legal cases. Mr. Allen specializes in mechanical failure, cash / diminished value appraisals, product liability, body/paint issues, negligence, and automotive industry standards and practices. Experience includes depositions, inspections, appraisals, and court testimony. Other related services include research, document preparation and[…]

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How to Safely Tow Your Second Hand Caravan

A second-hand caravan can be an excellent option for a low-cost choice for your first car for recreational use. Towing, however, typically creates some issues for the novice driver. Towing a second-hand caravan is quite different from driving a regular car since it requires more intense concentration and a new set of abilities. We have compiled some helpful[…]

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