Pre-Buyers Inspections

Pre-Buyers Inspections

The Auto Detectives (, an Automobile and R/V inspection company, was created in 1995 to protect used car buyers in the United States. They are a mobile service and now, the founder of The Auto Detectives Mark Allen personally performs all the inspections in Arizona. He will go out to a remote location to perform a 201-point inspection. The inspection includes checking inside to make sure all the equipment is operational. He will make a determination if the mileage is correct and matches the condition of the vehicle during the odometer rollback check. The vehicle is then checked for evidence of flood damage. He checks the exterior for evidence of collision damage repairs or prior repaint.
The undercarriage is checked for rust, frame damage, or external fluid leaks. All the mechanical components are checked and the vehicle is taken for an extensive test drive. Mr. Allen will perform the inspection at any remote location, making this a very convenient and affordable service available by appointment 7 days a week starting at only $129.95 – $199.95 (luxury and classic vehicles slightly higher). For all other prices please see the Pricing Page.
What is the difference between The Auto Detectives inspection and the other inspection companies that may be less expensive you ask? The other companies usually do everything online and you rarely get to talk to a live person, especially not to the inspector who actually looked at your car! You get a report with photos posted online and have to email questions back and wait for a response. Do you really need 30 more photos after you have probably seen hundreds posted with the sales ad already? And waiting for your questions to be answered after trying to make sense of the report can get very frustrating!
With The Auto Detectives Inspection, you get to actually speak directly to the person who inspected your vehicle! And that person, Mark Allen, happens to be an automotive expert with over 35 years of experience in the business! You can review his experience, certifications, and credentials right here on the website, so you know you have a qualified individual inspecting your potential purchase . .. Do the other guys let you speak directly to the inspector? Probably Not!. .Do you get to review the inspector’s credentials to see if he is qualified?.. Probably Not!..
The sad truth is that most of the other inspection companies hire just about anybody who has some kind of automotive experience and is willing to work cheap so they can still make a profit on the inspection! They are banking on quantity, not quality. These wanna-be inspectors are usually ex-mechanics who may have experience with the mechanical components of a vehicle, but very few know anything about body and paint issues, spotting frame damage, odometer rollback, title issues, and flood damage. You want to know if your vehicle was ever in a wreck, don’t you?.. If it has been repainted?..If it has frame damage? . . .Correctmileage? . . .Flood damage? . . .Salvage title? . . .YOU BET YOU DO! . . .
The inspector looking at your vehicle, Mark Allen, has documented experience and training with all these issues! In fact, he is a certified Legal Expert Witness! And you get to speak directly to him regarding your potential purchase and ask him as many questions as you want, ON THE SPOT!..No Waiting! Click here to read about Expert Witness.

So Get An Automotive Expert To Inspect Your Vehicle!

     The pre-purchase buyer’s inspection can also be used as a Sellers or Pre-Certification Inspection. For the same price, this inspection includes digital photographs and a digital written report that can be posted to any website. We back all our inspections with a written report. This report is available to our customers by phone, fax, email, snail mail, or soon on our website.
Recreational vehicle inspections are also available including motorhomes, travel trailers, tent trailers, boats, and personal watercraft. The pre-buyers type inspection is performed which checks the basic vehicle and drivetrain, and all the accessories and optional equipment can also be inspected. For example, on a full-size class A motorhome, all the equipment including the refrigerator, water system, sewer system, propane/LPG system, and all electrical accessories including a/c, heating, t/v’s, VCR, stereo’s, microwave, range, stove, leveling, GPS, and back-up camera’s can also be inspected for only $199.95!

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to offering independent, unbiased, automotive information the consumer can trust. We will strive to maintain our honesty and integrity in all our business associations and always use cutting-edge technology to distance ourselves from our competitors. The Auto Detectives® stands for consumer protection and advocates full disclosure in all automotive industry transactions. As we are not involved in automobile sales or service, we can truly provide affordable peace of mind with no hidden agendas. We will uphold the public trust as our most valuable asset.


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